eBay Global Shipping Program

It hasn’t been many days since I last complained about eBay. This time, it’s their Global Shipping Program (GSP) that has annoyed me. For those who aren’t familiar, the GSP is a service provided by eBay where if you sell items to international buyers, you can send the item to eBay’s shipping centre in the […]

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I recently saw a web page about a project called CameraMail. The idea is simple – you post a disposable camera to a friend with instructions for postal workers to take their photos using the camera along the way. Hopefully, at the end you are left with a series of pictures, documenting the camera’s journey. […]

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I bought a BluRay-ROM drive for my media PC this week, and so I decided to bump-start my collection of BluRays. I dredged through the bargain movies at Play.com and ordered ten of them. Much was my surprise when they started arriving today and I discovered that they were individually wrapped! I can’t understand how […]

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Post Office woes

The Post Office really is an inconvenient organisation. Last night I sold two items on eBay and consequently had two (fairly large) parcels to post. This was around 9pm so I put the parcels to one side, and decided to post them on my way to work in the morning – pushing my bike and […]

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