Coronet Conway – Synchronised Model

Released 1955 I bought this camera from eBay as a way of getting into medium format photography. I also managed to get hold of the proprietary flashgun, the Coro-Flash, which takes flash bulbs. See all photos taken with the Conway. At a glance Lens Fixed 110mm f/18 Film 120 (6×9) Focus Fixed, with close-up lensContinue reading “Coronet Conway – Synchronised Model”

User manual for the Conway Synchronised box camera

Whenever I buy old or hard-to-find things from the Internet I often like to look at the user manuals first. But it can often be hard to find them, and I’m grateful when other people take the time to scan or type out their product literature. I recently bought a Conway box camera, dating backContinue reading “User manual for the Conway Synchronised box camera”

New camera: Coronet Conway Synchronised

For some time now I’ve been wanting to get into medium format photography. I have the right developing stuff to process the films myself, but unfortunately no way of scanning the negatives without buying a flat-bed scanner. But my colleague Paul offered to scan 120 roll film if I processed it first. With this barrierContinue reading “New camera: Coronet Conway Synchronised”