O2 is down

Seems like O2 is down this evening. It must be a fairly widespread problem since loads of people have posted about it on Facebook and Twitter.

I searched for information online but there was nothing on O2’s website, which is pretty poor.

Some forums discussed the outage, although there were no facts – only speculation that building work at a data centre had damaged the power supply to the building.

Anyway, I don’t care. I don’t like being phoned, and I also have a Vodafone handset if I particularly feel like calling someone.

As for data service to my iPhone, this is being supplied by my WLAN deathnet. My ADSL is almost as fast as a 3G connection(!)

Perhaps the service I will miss most is SMS – although most of the people I care about will know that I’m also contactable by other text-based protocols. 😉

That said, I’m off to sleep now and will not be contactable by any means for several hours. Goodnight!

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