Checking for the latest kernel with Nagios

I’ve just written a module for Nagios that will determine if the currently running kernel is the latest kernel available on the system. It will not tell you if there is a newer kernel in a yum repository or similar. The main gotcha is that you need an RPM-based system for my script to work,Continue reading “Checking for the latest kernel with Nagios”

Changing the verbosity of wpa_supplicant on Ubuntu

Sometimes you need to change the log verbosity of wpa_supplicant for debugging purposes. First check which log verbosity you are currently running with. ps -ef | grep wpa_supplicant | grep -v grep -d represents verbose -dd represents extra verbose To change the log verbosity, edit /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant.service and add -d or -dd as appropriate. Example: [D-BUSContinue reading “Changing the verbosity of wpa_supplicant on Ubuntu”

Web statistics with AWstats

A few months ago I set up a website, Memories of Korea, to showcase some slides I inherited. Naturally I was keen to find out how many visitors I’d had, so I set about finding something that could draw pretty graphs. Based on my experiences setting up website statistics with AWstats, I’ve now prepared aContinue reading “Web statistics with AWstats”

Monitoring AQL SMS credit with Nagios

Further to yesterday’s post about setting up SMS alerts from Nagios, I decided I wanted to monitor how many SMS credits I have left in my account. AQL provide a way of finding out via an HTTP request, so I set about writing a perl module to check and return the result to Nagios. N.B.Continue reading “Monitoring AQL SMS credit with Nagios”

An ugly fix

My home server seems to have developed a problem where its internal-facing network card “jams up”. It still keeps its IP address and everything looks normal, but in actual fact no traffic passes through it, cutting all my LAN hosts off from the Internet. Restarting iptables, network services or anything else doesn’t help. The onlyContinue reading “An ugly fix”

My crazy partition setup

My requirements When I built this computer back in January, I had carefully considered the RAID storage configuration. My requirements were basically: Must dual boot Fedora and some flavour of Windows (unfortunately) Fedora must have a redundant /home partition, as it holds my most important data Windows must have a fast Media (aka /home) partitionContinue reading “My crazy partition setup”