MSN Messenger is 10 years old

Well I never! From an advert on Hotmail I was linked to a page which proclaims that MSN Messenger (more recently known as Windows Live Messenger) is 10 years old. I would have guessed it was older than that. I can’t remember precisely when I first used MSN Messenger but I’m fairly sure it wasContinue reading “MSN Messenger is 10 years old”

Deprecated vs Depreciated

One thing that often annoys me, particularly in my line of work in IT is the frequent muddling-up of the words deprecated and depreciated. According to Wiktionary… Depreciate Verb (intransitive) To reduce in value over time. (transitive) To belittle Deprecate Verb (formal) to express disapproval of. (computing) to recommend against use of. (archaic) to prayContinue reading “Deprecated vs Depreciated”

Batch conversion of images on Linux

I recently had a need to convert 3,000 scanned TIFF images to a more sensible format for distribution, such as JPEG. I’ve been using GIMP to edit the individual photos but sadly it doesn’t have a batch format conversion tool. So I wrote my own little script in bash. You will need to install ImageMagickContinue reading “Batch conversion of images on Linux”

O2 Mobile Broadband

Note: This article is under development. More info and screenshots will be added later. Keep checking back! I decided to buy a mobile broadband USB modem yesterday. For those of you who don’t know, I work as a wireless network & VPN specialist for the University of Bristol. At the time of writing, there areContinue reading “O2 Mobile Broadband”

Mac OS X security flaw?

I think I may have stumbled across a security problem in OS X on my Macbook. To recreate it, you need to satisfy the following conditions: Enable locking the screen after waking from sleep or screensaver Connect to an 802.1x-authenticated wireless network. Don’t set to remember password. Shut the lid to put it to sleepContinue reading “Mac OS X security flaw?”