Web statistics with AWstats

A few months ago I set up a website, Memories of Korea, to showcase some slides I inherited. Naturally I was keen to find out how many visitors I’d had, so I set about finding something that could draw pretty graphs. Based on my experiences setting up website statistics with AWstats, I’ve now prepared a […]

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SMS alerts with Nagios

In a previous post I mentioned how easy it is to increase functionality in Nagios. Today I was asked to set up SMS alerts in Nagios, as well as the existing email alerts. I am by no means the first person to write about this, but this post is intended to be a start-to-finish guide, […]

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On Nagios

The things I’m about to say will almost certainly be common knowledge to anyone who has used Nagios before, but I’ll say them anyway. In short, Nagios is a network/server monitoring tool. It’s web based and can monitor almost any network device. It comes with dozens of modules included, to monitor things with something as […]

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