Windows file sharing on a Linux server

In this guide, we will set up your home Linux server to share files in a Windows-friendly format. This is ideal for interacting with Windows PCs on your network, or for generic appliances such as media streaming boxes. First we install Samba: [root@zeus ~]# yum install samba Before we configure Samba, you need to thinkContinue reading “Windows file sharing on a Linux server”

Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router

Overview This guide will attempt to show you how to build your own home server. I’ve included sections that I believe would be useful to home users, without over-complicating things. I’ve tried to make this guide accessible enough for people who are new to Linux, too. We will assume that the core function of thisContinue reading “Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router”

Setting up squid as a transparent proxy

This guide is particularly aimed at novice owners of Linux servers at home, such as the one described in a guide on this blog. A transparent web proxy caches web content without having to make any changes on the clients on the network. For a proxy to run transparently, it must be running on aContinue reading “Setting up squid as a transparent proxy”

Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an EeePC 701

This morning I tried Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) for the first time. My first impression was that it’s very polished and usable by non-geeks. I’m not an Ubuntu user myself; I use Fedora on all my machines – including my EeePC 901. But my other half, Hana, has an EeePC 701. She’s not a geek,Continue reading “Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an EeePC 701”