Service availability monitoring with Nagios and BPI

Originally published  2016-11-21 on the UoB Unix blog Several times, senior management have asked Team Wireless to provide an uptime figure for eduroam. While we do have an awful lot of monitoring of systems and services, it has never been possible to give a single uptime figure because it needs some detailed knowledge to make sense ofContinue reading “Service availability monitoring with Nagios and BPI”

Various Nagios plugins

I’ve now written several Nagios plugins and submitted them all to MonitoringExchange. Here’s a quick summary: check_temper for monitoring the temperature with a TEMPer USB thermometer check_kernel for checking that the currently running kernel on an RPM-based system is the most recent installed kernel (not necessarily the latest available kernel in the repository) check_aql_balance forContinue reading “Various Nagios plugins”

Nagios plugin for TEMPer USB thermometer

As I said in a previous post, I finally got my TEMPer USB thermometer to work on Fedora, thanks to a patch by Tollef Fog Heen that has now been incorporated into the Fedora kernel. I’m not familiar with C so I only made minor tweaks to Tollef Fog Heen’s code, which returns a temperatureContinue reading “Nagios plugin for TEMPer USB thermometer”

Setting up NRPE remote Linux monitoring with Nagios

This a short and simple guide, explaining how to set up remote monitoring of Linux hosts using NRPE in Nagios. The procedure is simple, but having searched for information on this earlier today I didn’t find a straightforward all-inclusive guide, so I’ve written my own. These instructions were written with Nagios 3.0.6, and they assumeContinue reading “Setting up NRPE remote Linux monitoring with Nagios”

Checking for the latest kernel with Nagios

I’ve just written a module for Nagios that will determine if the currently running kernel is the latest kernel available on the system. It will not tell you if there is a newer kernel in a yum repository or similar. The main gotcha is that you need an RPM-based system for my script to work,Continue reading “Checking for the latest kernel with Nagios”

Monitoring AQL SMS credit with Nagios

Further to yesterday’s post about setting up SMS alerts from Nagios, I decided I wanted to monitor how many SMS credits I have left in my account. AQL provide a way of finding out via an HTTP request, so I set about writing a perl module to check and return the result to Nagios. N.B.Continue reading “Monitoring AQL SMS credit with Nagios”