An easy way to generate an iptables config

This is a +1 for Easy Firewall Generator for iptables. Of course any self-respecting sysadmin should be able to set up iptables, but sometimes starting off can be tricky. So I use the this website, which lets you define the basics using a handful of checkboxes, and it generates a script that configures your computer’sContinue reading “An easy way to generate an iptables config”

Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router

Overview This guide will attempt to show you how to build your own home server. I’ve included sections that I believe would be useful to home users, without over-complicating things. I’ve tried to make this guide accessible enough for people who are new to Linux, too. We will assume that the core function of thisContinue reading “Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router”