Yay for Fedora 13

Fedora 13 (“Goddard”) was released today. I wouldn’t normally go upgrading my OS to the latest on the day of release, but frankly anyone who runs Fedora is an early adopter by definition. I started by upgrading two unimportant Fedora 12 virtual machines at work using preupgrade. One went smoothly but the other failed because […]

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Samba fixed!

For those who have been following the issues around Samba suddenly breaking upon upgrade, I’ve now got to the bottom of it. I’ve updated the original post with details, so if you wish to leave comments, please leave them on that post.

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TEMPer USB thermometer on Linux

Some time ago I bought a cheap USB thermometer called TEMPer. I was disappointed to find that it didn’t work on Fedora. It would only work on Windows using a poor piece of proprietary software. I eventually found the blog of Tollef Fog Heen, who had managed to get his TEMPer to work. Unfortunately his […]

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Fedora, kmod-nvidia and akmod-nvidia

If you have Fedora and an nVidia graphics card, chances are you’ll want to use kmod-nvidia as your graphics driver. It is closed-source, but produced by nVidia themselves and has several advantages over the default open-source drivers that are typically bundled with most distributions – for example, 3D hardware acceleration. If you have already installed […]

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DV editing on Fedora

Recently, a friend asked me if I could copy her home videos from a miniDV tape onto a DVD. I said sure, OK, and if she lent me her camcorder I’d be able to get it done. I’ve never actually used miniDV before, and I’ve only ever tried to process video on Linux a handful […]

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My crazy partition setup

My requirements When I built this computer back in January, I had carefully considered the RAID storage configuration. My requirements were basically: Must dual boot Fedora and some flavour of Windows (unfortunately) Fedora must have a redundant /home partition, as it holds my most important data Windows must have a fast Media (aka /home) partition […]

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Moving away from Windows

I’ve dabbled in Linux for several years now – I’ve looked after Linux servers at work and at home, and I’ve had a secondary desktop PC running some version of Fedora or other. Two years ago I switched over my PC at work from Vista to Fedora, and I haven’t looked back. I didn’t have […]

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More on Ubuntu Netbook Remix

For those of you who read my earlier post, Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an EeePC 701, you’ll know that I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) on my other half’s EeePC 701. The clue is very much in the name. Initially I was sceptical of using it myself. I’m a Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora […]

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