Productivity tools

For my email and calendaring, I use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin (which implements the Sunbird calendar inside Thunderbird – nifty!). As you can see here, Lightning is helping me plan my morning at work efficiently, by automatically checking over 4 billion of my calendars. Perhaps by that time it has fetched all of […]

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Forgetting something?

Today I wrote an email in Thunderbird and clicked send. It gave me this message: It has never asked me this before, so I wonder what prompted it to do so today. Turns out new builds of Thunderbird scan your email for keywords such as attachment or attached and reminds you to check for attachments […]

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Google calendar

I decided that I need to sort out the way I do my personal calendaring. Currently I only use my phone’s built-in calendar. I nearly always have my phone with me, but it’s a bit of a pain to enter stuff on when I’m sat at a computer anyway, and carrying all that information solely […]

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