Rethinking database architecture

Originally published 2015-09-02 on the UoB Unix blog The eduroam wireless network has a reliance on a database for the authorization and accounting parts of AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting – are you who you say you are, what access are you allowed, and what did you do while connected). When we started dabbling with database-backed AAA in 2007Continue reading “Rethinking database architecture”

Film photography in a few graphs

I collect film photography equipment and I also use it to take photographs and make prints. I’m also a massive nerd so there’s a database to help me record every aspect of the kit I own and the pictures made with it. I thought I’d try and produce a blog post with some facts, figures andContinue reading “Film photography in a few graphs”

Camera database

This is going to be a long article about photography and databases. Mostly databases, and in particular how to model certain photographic entities in a relational database. If you’re not interested in databases, stop reading now! I have quite a collection of cameras and lenses and I wanted to track as much information as possibleContinue reading “Camera database”

Escaping usernames during RADIUS accounting

Today I encountered a problem in my FreeRADIUS setup. Usernames can be sent to my RADIUS servers as a simple username (e.g. jonathan) or with a realm prepended (e.g. DOMAINjonathan). When a username with a realm gets sent to a RADIUS authentication server that is doing MSCHAP, the domain is automatically stripped and you neverContinue reading “Escaping usernames during RADIUS accounting”

Federated tables in MySQL

Yesterday at work I had the need to create a federated table in MySQL. I read about the federated engine and thought I had it sussed. I noted: Beginning with MySQL 5.1.26, the FEDERATED storage engine is not enabled by default in the running server; to enable FEDERATED, you must start the MySQL server binaryContinue reading “Federated tables in MySQL”