Photo reconnaissance and angular size

I went out for a scout this afternoon to find some new places to take pictures. As well as finding good locations, I needed to know which lenses to bring next time. None of the stuff in this article is ground-breaking but I think it’s a useful rule of thumb (literally). For now, let’s forgetContinue reading “Photo reconnaissance and angular size”

Focal lengths on different formats

Consumer photographic lenses are almost always sold by their focal length when used on a 35mm camera (or full-frame professional DSLR). It’s already confusing enough to work out what their effective focal length is when used on an APS-C sensor (most consumer DSLRs), but since I’ve been getting into medium-format photography it’s even more confusingContinue reading “Focal lengths on different formats”

Some photographic statistics

This week, I decided to have a look at some statistics about photos I’ve taken with my Canon 450D. Using a little Perl magic, I extracted the EXIF data from almost 7,000 photos that I’ve taken since purchasing the camera 10 months ago. The first graph shows the different focal lengths used in the photographs.Continue reading “Some photographic statistics”