A spider’s web

This evening in my garden I very nearly walked through a large spider web. I stopped for a second and admired the way the low evening sun was illuminating the spider and web from both sides, and then I rushed indoors and grabbed my macro lens – here’s the result.

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Web 2.0

Today I signed up for Twitter – not for personal reasons but because I needed it for work. Of course I’ve heard about it in the past as the leading micro-blogging service, but it hadn’t interested me in the slightest. I have used Facebook since its early days (when you could only get in if […]

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Web statistics with AWstats

A few months ago I set up a website, Memories of Korea, to showcase some slides I inherited. Naturally I was keen to find out how many visitors I’d had, so I set about finding something that could draw pretty graphs. Based on my experiences setting up website statistics with AWstats, I’ve now prepared a […]

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A blast from the past

This evening I stumbled across my first web site. I put this together using Publisher 97, probably in the year 1997. It looks rather, uh, dated these days. While browsing the tree of that site, I also found my brother Oliver’s website, and a site I set up in 1999 about my year 9 class […]

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