Photographic innovations

Photography has been around for a long time now and a lot of cool things have been invented or discovered as side-effects of photography. There are many websites about the history of photography which will give a complete picture (excuse the pun) but I wanted to pick out my favourite innovation of each decade since […]

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Camera pricing

Inspired by a recent conversation with a colleague about the way cameras are priced, I decided to look up the original retail value of some of my cameras and correct for inflation, to see how they compare to today. I’ve attempted to make a note to describe the camera’s position in the market line-up at […]

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St Mary’s Church, Fishponds

Earlier this week in a¬†charity¬†shop in central Bristol, I discovered a parish magazine from my church, St Mary’s, Fishponds, dating from October 1947. I decided to scan it in and reproduce it here for anyone who is interested – look at the images below or download the PDF version. I think it’s fascinating – partly […]

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Recreating a famous photograph

I decided to set a tricky Photo Challenge this week – recreating a famous photo. For my own entry, I decided immediately that it should be in black and white. Rather than imitating a fine art photograph, I tried to think of famous documentary or news-related photos. Probably due to the fact that I saw […]

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The past

This week’s Photo Challenge theme is the past. Take a photo that has a connection with the past. It could be something that reawakens a memory for you, or invites you to reminisce. It could be an old item, or an ancient place. Perhaps a person. I decided to recreate a self-portrait of my Grandad […]

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