Avon Gorge and other stuff

This film has been in my Canon AE-1 Program for a while, so this assortment of unconnected photos go back a while. Unfortunately the film curled pretty badly while drying and I wasn’t able to scan it properly. Quite a few of these pictures have Newton’s rings in them – rainbow-coloured splodges across the middle […]

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Lou Lou was sweetly sitting by the back door one minute. Slightly less sweetly sitting by the back door the next. (Actually, this is a little unfair on Lou Lou. She wasn’t angry – just yawning. But she does look possessed).

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Meet Lou Lou

I’d like to introduce you to Lou Lou, our new cat. She’s a rescue cat from the Bristol branch of the Cats Protection League – 4 years old and very playful. We’ve already put one or two photos from our phones on Facebook but these are the first proper photos. I’m sure there will be […]

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