A strange suggestion

I happened to be looking at the website of a company that offers virtual private servers earlier today. This particular company has a box on their front page with a few questions about what you need your server to do, and it recommends you a suitable server package. But I was slightly surprised at theContinue reading “A strange suggestion”

The temperature in my loft

I recently (mid October) moved my home server into my loft, as its constant noise under my desk was getting on my nerves. However I found that with a large area of roof exposed to the sun (even the weak Autumn sun), and practically no ventilation the ambient temperature fluctuates enormously. In October when itContinue reading “The temperature in my loft”

Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router

Overview This guide will attempt to show you how to build your own home server. I’ve included sections that I believe would be useful to home users, without over-complicating things. I’ve tried to make this guide accessible enough for people who are new to Linux, too. We will assume that the core function of thisContinue reading “Building a Linux home server, gateway, firewall & router”