A sunny weekend

I visited my parents this weekend. Both of my brothers were also at home, because their birthdays are both in May.

We were treated to beautiful, sunny weather on Friday. My brothers played hockey in the garden but I was too lazy to join in, so I broke out my telephoto lens and tried my hand at some “sports” photography in the bright sun.

You might have noticed that “sports” was in inverted commas. This is why.

We stayed in the garden until it was dark. There was a slight coolness in the air, but nothing that wasn’t fixed by a hot chocolate!

Later on, the moon was bright and clear.

For Edmund‘s birthday, I gave him a Canon SLR. “Wow!”, you think, “he’s so generous!”. But you can forget about megapixels, gigadoodles and kilowotsits. In actual fact, it was an EOS 500N – a 1996 35mm SLR. He was pleased with it, so on Saturday we loaded up with film and went for a photowalk around Ensor’s Pool, a local wildlife reserve (err.. abandoned quarry). It’s quite scenic, despite being among a load of industrial units.

And here’s the man of the occasion, playing with his new toy.

I also took a photo that I’m likely to enter into this week’s Photo Challenge. The theme is Time, and I think this photo has a double meaning. It’s a moment frozen in time, but it’s also a dandelion clock.

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