Avon Gorge and other stuff

This film has been in my Canon AE-1 Program for a while, so this assortment of unconnected photos go back a while. Unfortunately the film curled pretty badly while drying and I wasn’t able to scan it properly. Quite a few of these pictures have Newton’s rings in them – rainbow-coloured splodges across the middle of the picture where the film wasn’t flat enough.

The first picture is a pastel sunset looking down Troopers Hill Road. I love the old lanterns but unfortunately I wasn’t able to frame them without including a bit of next door’s caravan!


Recently I took a lunchtime photowalk with Paul which led us around the downs, past the sea walls and along the Avon Gorge for a while.

Avon Gorge
Avon Gorge
Wire fence

This ventilation shaft provides air for the Clifton Down Tunnel below.

Ventilation shaft

Since I recently found a fast lens in a charity shop, I took pictures of the cats indoors using nothing but ambient light. Unfortunately shooting a twitchy kitten with such a shallow depth of field has made this picture quite soft.

Lou Lou

And finally, this is my fiancée Hannah’s engagement ring. Shot using macro bellows and an old Soviet lens for extremely shallow depth of field.

Engagement ring

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