It’s spring!

This is the back of Osborne Villas, as seen from the tops of the buildings on Woodland Road.

This chap was sitting on a bench in Brandon Hill park one lunchtime, reading. Hana thought it was me! Slightly offended – that guy was probably in his 60s and bald with glasses. Perhaps Hana needs glasses 😉

This view is from the top of Constitution Hill.

I think photos of flowers in black and white are unusual – probably because flowers are noted for their colour. I took a few floral photos on this roll of film, and they were mostly quite average. But this one appealed to me for some reason. I think it’s the bokeh in the background.

3 thoughts on “It’s spring!

  1. To start with I thought the first one was some houses, with a massive ship going past behind!

    I’d be offended if I were you, that guy has way more hair than you!


  2. Haha – Bristol does indeed have a dock but this location is at the top of St Michael’s Hill, some 130m above sea level (although less than a kilometre from the dock).


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