Horseman 980 vs Horseman 45HD

For landscape and architectural photography, there is no question that using a view camera gives you the best control over perspective, the plane of focus and spectacular resolution too. For several years I’ve been using a Horseman 980 medium format technical field camera for this purpose. It has almost all the functionality of a largeContinue reading “Horseman 980 vs Horseman 45HD”

Lancaster Instantograph

For Christmas, my father-in-law-to-be gave me a Victorian mahogany and brass view camera. It’s an Instantograph, manufactured by J Lancaster & Son of Birmingham. Despite its name, there’s nothing instant about this camera!¬†The Instantograph was first introduced in 1882 and evolved through¬†various design iterations until the last ones were made some time in the earlyContinue reading “Lancaster Instantograph”

Angle of view on various formats

I’ve probably discussed before the way that different size “sensors” (or pieces of film) need different focal length lenses to achieve the same angle of view. For instance, it is well known that a 50mm lens on an APS-C crop-sensor DSLR behaves a bit like a 75mm lens on a 35mm full-frame camera. I’ve extendedContinue reading “Angle of view on various formats”

Photo reconnaissance and angular size

I went out for a scout this afternoon to find some new places to take pictures. As well as finding good locations, I needed to know which lenses to bring next time. None of the stuff in this article is ground-breaking but I think it’s a useful rule of thumb (literally). For now, let’s forgetContinue reading “Photo reconnaissance and angular size”

It’s spring!

This is the back of Osborne Villas, as seen from the tops of the buildings on Woodland Road. This chap was sitting on a bench in Brandon Hill park one lunchtime, reading. Hana thought it was me! Slightly offended – that guy was probably in his 60s and bald with glasses. Perhaps Hana needs glassesContinue reading “It’s spring!”