New worst cabinet ever

A while back I wrote about the worst cabinet ever. Maybe this one isn’t as spectacular to behold, but there is a Cisco switch under all that spaghetti. There are also two PoE power injectors for wireless access points. All this is in a wooden cupboard and it was roasting hot. You can see that […]

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The worst cabinet ever

Recently at work I had to go out on site to visit a comms cabinet.  I followed the directions to the cabinet, but when I got there I found it was in a tiny closet, not deep enough for a rack. So it seems that whoever installed the network improvised. There’s an ancient 10Mbit hub, […]

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Working in a riser

Today at work I had to install a switch in a rack in a riser. The riser goes from top to bottom of the building in question (5 storeys + basement). Access is through an iron door on each floor. There is a grille to stand on, but it was slightly wobbly and nowhere near […]

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