Holding hands

This week’s Photo Challenge is hands. As I was back at my parents’ house for Edmund’s birthday, I coerced him and his better half Lara into posing for me.

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I’ve had this photo in my head for a while, but only recently got round to taking it. I like it. Canon FTb camera with Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, lit with single desk lamp. Expired Jessops┬áPan 100S film, developed in Ilford Microphen.

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I took this snap of my hand casting a shadow on the wall. The shadow had a strange effect because the light source was a row of LEDs.

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Underwater camera

Last year I bought a Canon underwater camera for a holiday. Unfortunately the boating lake was too murky to use it, and so it has sat on my shelf ever since. Recently, I decided to mess about with the camera in my bath, and then I set the self-timer and put it in the dishwasher […]

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Our hands

Today I have been with Hana for 3 years, and very happy years they have been. I thought it would be nice to take a couple photo to mark the occasion. (This isn’t an engagement ring; although I did buy it for Hana some time ago).

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