Ice, Water & Steam

For ages I’ve had the idea of producing a themed set of three black & white prints to display on the wall on my stairs at home. This evening I finally had the inspiration (the three classical states of water) and motivation to take the pictures and develop the film immediately after. I wanted to […]

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Fog and ice

I woke up this morning and looked out of the window. I saw with delight that a thick fog had descended over the entire area. I love fog, so I grabbed one of my cameras and dashed out to Oldbury Court Estate. On the way, I slipped and fell on ice. Unfortunately, I bruised my […]

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The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is Randomness. As usual I’ve tried to take as many photos on the theme as possible, with the intention of picking my favourite shortly before the deadline. I think randomness can have two main interpretations – something that is random in nature, or the more modern meaning of […]

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Ice in Geneva

All this talk about the cold snap recently reminded me of my visit to Geneva in February 2003. I saw some spectacular ice around the edge of the lake that weekend. These were scanned from 35mm negatives, taken with a disposable camera. Not bad, considering!

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Pictures of the snow

I shot a roll of black and white film over two snowy days on the 6th and 7th of January, 2010. I wasn’t sure how it would come out, given that black and white film can only “see” the colours black and white, and the snow is white. As it turns out, I’m very pleased. […]

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Cracked ice

Some water gathered and froze in a canvas furniture cover. The block of ice was too heavy and too slippery to lift, so naturally my brother and I smashed it. And here’s a close-up of the end result.

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Icy grass

I walked on Dartmoor on New Year’s Eve and it was particularly cold. I was fascinated by how the ice had built up on these blades of grass. The ice was surprisingly strong, too.

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