Horseman 980 vs Horseman 45HD

For landscape and architectural photography, there is no question that using a view camera gives you the best control over perspective, the plane of focus and spectacular resolution too. For several years I’ve been using a Horseman 980 medium format technical field camera for this purpose. It has almost all the functionality of a largeContinue reading “Horseman 980 vs Horseman 45HD”

Horseman 45HD

The Horseman 45HD is my first “modern” large format camera. It is remarkably similar to the medium format Horseman 980 that I already own. I use view cameras widely for landscape and architectural photography, but was struggling to find a lens wide enough on medium format. Enter the 45HD – it takes all the sameContinue reading “Horseman 45HD”

Horseman 6×9 lenses

In theory, the Horseman 6×9 cameras such as the 970, 980, 985, VH and VH-R can take normal large format lenses – obviously with the caveat that the smaller film format means the angle of view is narrower for a given focal length. However, these Horseman 6×9 cameras have small lens boards and can’t accommodateContinue reading “Horseman 6×9 lenses”

Horseman 980

Released 1968 This Horseman is my first foray into the world of camera movements. As much as I love my Mamiya RB67 (which is another professional grade medium format camera), it wasn’t always the right tool for every job, and sometimes I needed perspective correction or detailed control of the plane of focus. The HorsemanContinue reading “Horseman 980”