Horseman 980 vs Horseman 45HD

For landscape and architectural photography, there is no question that using a view camera gives you the best control over perspective, the plane of focus and spectacular resolution too. For several years I’ve been using a Horseman 980 medium format technical field camera for this purpose. It has almost all the functionality of a large […]

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Medium format sheet film sizes

When you say “medium format” to people*, they probably think of 120 or 620-format roll film. But the definition of “medium format” also includes sheet film larger than 35mm and smaller than 5×4″. Until now I’ve only really used roll film but for my birthday I was given a sheet film camera and I also […]

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Converting 120 film to 620

Recently I was lent a Kodak Six-20 Brownie box camera. Rather than the 120 medium format film I’ve used in the past, it takes 620 film. The film stock is identical; only the spools differ. The 620 spool has a thinner axle, the end caps have a smaller diameter by about 2mm, and  the overall […]

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More on infrared

A while ago I shot some pseudo-infrared film: Ilford SFX 200. Unfortunately, being the impatient 6 year old that I really am, I didn’t fully read the data sheet. The film is only sensitive up to 740 nm on a good day, while my filter only allows through wavelengths greater than 720 nm. Therefore, the […]

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