Another go at infrared

Getting the exposure right with infrared photography is notoriously hard. Last time I tried infrared, back in Spring, I made a roll of widely bracketed shots and compared them to meter readings of visible light. I calculated that whatever the meter said, I needed to add 9 stops[1]. Having come up with this value IContinue reading “Another go at infrared”

Using 35mm film in a 120 camera

You quite often see pictures shot on 35mm film that include the sprocket holes. To do this, you need a camera that takes bigger film than 35mm film – such as 120 film. I’ve tried using 35mm film in my LOMO Lubitel before with reasonable success, except that the red window fogged the film inContinue reading “Using 35mm film in a 120 camera”

Infrared over Troopers Hill

I’ve tried infrared photography a few times in the past with varying success. But one thing that I’ve always found is that infrared film is a lot grainier than regular black & white film, so you end up with a relatively low resolution picture. To work around this, I’ve tried using medium-format infrared film inContinue reading “Infrared over Troopers Hill”

A selection of black & white views around Bristol

These pictures are an odd assortment from a film I’ve had in my camera for a while. This is the old chimney on Troopers Hill. A black & white view of Dower House. This was taken at the same time of my panorama of east Bristol. Not too far from Stoke Park and Dower House,Continue reading “A selection of black & white views around Bristol”

A panorama of Bristol

Today I went to Stoke Park, on the outskirts of Bristol with the main intention of photographing Dower House. Once I was there I noticed there was a great view of much of east Bristol spread out beneath me. The lighting wasn’t great, but I decided to make a panorama anyhow. I’ll likely go backContinue reading “A panorama of Bristol”

Trooper’s Hill

Trooper’s Hill today is a nature reserve near the centre of Bristol, in St George. It is steeply hilly and undulating, with rocky outcrops and mini cliffs as a result of mining for coal, copper, clay and slate at various points over the centuries. It is mostly covered with grass and heather and is anContinue reading “Trooper’s Hill”

Mainly Dartmoor

When I shoot film, it’s almost always black & white film. Occasionally I shoot colour but until now I’ve had to take it to a lab for processing – which is expensive and inconvenient. Yesterday I developed my own colour film for the first time. It came out pretty well for a first attempt. IContinue reading “Mainly Dartmoor”