Abstract colour

This week Paul set the Photo Challenge, and he chose “abstract colour“. The short version is that we have to take some crinkled foil and shine coloured light on it to create an abstract sea of colour. These are my two favourite attempts at the Challenge. The first one used a blue light source with […]

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Old colour film

One of the classic cameras I took possession of this week was a 1959 Halina 35x, which happened to contain an unused film. I managed to date the film to between 1983-1987 (after 1983 as it had a DX code, and before 1987 because the film speed was given in ASA rather than ISO). Yesterday, […]

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Mainly Dartmoor

When I shoot film, it’s almost always black & white film. Occasionally I shoot colour but until now I’ve had to take it to a lab for processing – which is expensive and inconvenient. Yesterday I developed my own colour film for the first time. It came out pretty well for a first attempt. I […]

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For some time, I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this giant mural on the side of the Bristol uni chemistry lab. The Spots v Stripes Photo Challenge presented the ideal opportunity.

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Felt tip pens

Yes, it’s a boring shot of some felt tip pens in their packet. But I love how the rainbow colours line up! It’s also a really fancy packet, where the lid folds round and clicks into place as a stand, to hold the pens in this position. This appeals to my geek side.

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Calibrating a TFT monitor

I hadn’t realised how important it is to calibrate a monitor correctly. My former method of “calibration” was simply to set the monitor’s contrast to maximum, and set the monitor’s brightness to a value that looked comfortable to me. I didn’t bother changing any settings in software. But I got caught out. Last night I […]

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