A selection of black & white views around Bristol

These pictures are an odd assortment from a film I’ve had in my camera for a while.

This is the old chimney on Troopers Hill.

A black & white view of Dower House. This was taken at the same time of my panorama of east Bristol.

Not too far from Stoke Park and Dower House, you can see the BT tower at Purdown.

This is a memorial stone to Elizabetha Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort. It’s also in Stoke Park, and the inscription in Latin reads:


2 thoughts on “A selection of black & white views around Bristol

  1. G’day Johnathan. I came across these pics after looking at your pics from the Tour of Britain. I’ve developed a keen interest in cycling whilst living in Australia and it helps living next to the Willunga Hill stage of the Tour Down Under! I was really surprised when looking further in your blog I see Bristol mentioned. Its my old hometown, I left with my family when I was 14 (now 40. It was with no small sense of delight then that I saw these pictures. I lived on the other side of the M32 on a road called Froom Valley Road and could see the Dower house from the pavement. I always wondered what it was like up near that place as I never got a chance to go up and have a look. Besides, it was a place where people who intellectual disabilities were institutionalised at the time so we used to be warned away from there.

    Thanks for taking these pictures. Keep it up!

    Andrew Watts


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Glad you enjoyed these, and thanks for your kind words. I’ve only lived in Bristol for a few years but I’ve now settled in Fishponds – not too far from Frome Valley Road. I’m still in the stage of exploring to find interesting things to photograph. If you search for Bristol on my blog you’ll find a lot of pictures of the local area.

      Sounds like you live in a nice location for cycling now. I watch the tours of Britain and France but I don’t ride competitively myself. I just make do with my hilly daily commute on two wheels from Fishponds to my workplace in Clifton, and the occasional weekend jaunt to Bath or Nailsea or somewhere like that.

      I’m also surprised that my post about the Tour of Britain has hit search engines just hours after being published! Must be magic.



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