Taking the Mamiya out for a spin

Today I used my new (to me) Mamiya RB67 for the first time. It’s an excellent camera, albeit slightly heavy at around 3.5kg. The sharpness and resolution are incredible, and using larger film means it’s easier to achieve a shallower depth of field. These photos are only snaps I shot a few minutes’ walk awayContinue reading “Taking the Mamiya out for a spin”

Mamiya RB67: Size & weight comparison

For a while I’ve fancied a Mamiya RB67 medium format SLR. I’d read about the tech specs, the wonderful lenses, the high resolution, and all the other benefits of such a powerful camera, and last week I splashed the cash and bought one. Optically, it was just what I was expecting – but nothing couldContinue reading “Mamiya RB67: Size & weight comparison”

Mamiya RB67 Professional

Released 1970 I’ve been shooting medium format for a while, but all of my other medium format cameras have one thing in common: they are inexpensive cameras with poor, fixed lenses. To me, 120 film is about high resolution and precision, and you just don’t get that from a Kodak Brownie. So I saved up,Continue reading “Mamiya RB67 Professional”