Mainly Dartmoor

When I shoot film, it’s almost always black & white film. Occasionally I shoot colour but until now I’ve had to take it to a lab for processing – which is expensive and inconvenient. Yesterday I developed my own colour film for the first time. It came out pretty well for a first attempt. I wrote about processing colour film at home on my blog, but for now you can enjoy the best of the pictures.

This is an outbuilding at the Two Bridges Hotel on Dartmoor. I was immediately drawn to its mossy roof.

And here is a view of one of the bridges from which the hotel takes its name. The second bridge isn’t nearly so picturesque, so I didn’t bother wasting film on it.

The hotel was probably one of the most remote locations I’ve visited in the UK – it was accessed by a single track road across the moor. On the way home we stopped for a few photos. I’m not sure of the precise location but I like the view.

After we got home, I was in the annoying situation of having a couple of frames left over. I went for a walk in Oldbury Court to see if there was anything that would look good in colour. By the time I got out it was quite dark, so I was forced to use a long exposure. I like the effect it has had on these ducks, pecking at the weir near Snuff Mills.

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