Project 35 – hopefully resuming soon!

I started Project 35 on 22nd August. If all had gone to plan, I would have finished the film on the 26th September. However, nothing ever goes to plan. I’ve only used about half the film so far. I’ve been busy, I’ve been ill, I had time off work and accidentally left my camera on my desk. Now the weather is bad.

KMZ Zorki 4

Nonetheless, I plan to resume Project 35 tomorrow, and push through and finish the film. I don’t know quite if I’ll manage that – things are still busy at work what with the start of term. I hope to be able to find some inspiration within a short walking distance of my office!

Watch this space! 🙂

Particularly keen-eyed readers will notice that the picture of my Zorki 4 is fitted with a 50mm Jupiter-8 lens. Naturally, I’m completing Project 35 with a 35mm Jupiter-12 lens. Apologies for the confusion. It won’t happen again.

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