Project 35 is complete! (Almost)

Project 35 has been ongoing for a while. For those who’ve forgotten what it is (I don’t blame you, I started it such a long time ago!), this is the project brief:

Project 35 is to shoot 35 pictures over 35 days on 35mm film with a 35mm lens.

Unfortunately the project was beset by poor weather, illness, students and various other evils 😉 Today I shot the last frame on the roll, some 79 days after beginning and 44 days overdue. Can you tell I work in IT? 😛

However, my film scanner gave up the ghost last week and I have no immediate plans to replace it, so I’m not really sure what I’m going to do about the negatives. Perhaps I’ll stick the prints into a scrapbook like in the good old days.

For those of you who haven’t grown old and died while waiting for the conclusion of this project, please continue to watch this space – and perhaps I’ll be able to borrow a film scanner from somebody. Failing all else, I could try to photograph the negatives with my digital camera. We’ll see…

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