Project 35 – Out now!

Project 35 is complete! I went to ASDA this morning as my film scanner is broken, and had my film developed and put onto CD.

I’ve done the bare minimum of editing with these pictures – they are rough and ready, and exactly as they came out of the camera (a 1956 Zorki-4 rangefinder with a Jupiter-12 lens). Unlike most of my blog posts where I pick and choose the best pictures from each outing, for Project 35 I’ve included every single pictures from the roll (so you actually get 36 pictures rather than the 35 I promised!).

I started off enthusiastically which is reflected in the variety of subjects, including experimental shots like days 5 (long exposure) and 6 (indoor flash). After a few interruptions in the project, I lost my swing and didn’t go out every day. There’s a lack of variety and some pretty boring photos. I certainly don’t think I could do a photo a day for a year, like some of my friends have done.

Having said that, there are some here I really like – particularly days 3, 15, 23, 25 and 36. Which are your favourites? I’d be pleased to have some feedback 🙂

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