Lots of firsts – and a fail

This weekend I achieved quite a few firsts in the field of film photography. Here are the headlines: First attempt at pulling film to control contrast I shot some Ilford FP4+ (nominally rated at ISO 125) at ISO 50 in bright sunlight. Under-rating film in this way is called pulling, and in this case IContinue reading “Lots of firsts – and a fail”

Cutting 6×9 sheet film from 120 roll film

I was given a camera for my birthday which takes sheet film in 6×9 format – or possibly 6.5×9. It’s hard and expensive to get hold of sheet film in this format these days so I thought about cutting 6×9 sections from a roll of 120 film, which is 63mm wide. Roll film is different from sheet film,Continue reading “Cutting 6×9 sheet film from 120 roll film”

Photos from a Kodak Brownie

Hana’s Dad recently lent me a 1934 Kodak Six-20 Brownie. I’ve just run my first roll of film through it, and here are the best from the roll. Unfortunately the scans haven’t come out well – I’m still getting to grips with my new medium-format transparency scanner – an Epson Perfection V500 and it seemsContinue reading “Photos from a Kodak Brownie”

Converting 120 film to 620

Recently I was lent a Kodak Six-20 Brownie box camera. Rather than the 120 medium format film I’ve used in the past, it takes 620 film. The film stock is identical; only the spools differ. The 620 spool has a thinner axle, the end caps have a smaller diameter by about 2mm, and  the overallContinue reading “Converting 120 film to 620”

The Church of England

My youngest brother will soon be sixteen, which means he will have come of age in the eyes of the Church of England. He was given a form to register on the church’s electoral roll, meaning he can attend and vote at PCC meetings, and probably entitles him to hold other positions of responsibility too.Continue reading “The Church of England”