Lots of firsts – and a fail

This weekend I achieved quite a few firsts in the field of film photography. Here are the headlines: First attempt at pulling film to control contrast I shot some Ilford FP4+ (nominally rated at ISO 125) at ISO 50 in bright sunlight. Under-rating film in this way is called pulling, and in this case IContinue reading “Lots of firsts – and a fail”

Medium format sheet film sizes

When you say “medium format” to people*, they probably think of 120 or 620-format roll film. But the definition of “medium format” also includes sheet film larger than 35mm and smaller than 5×4″. Until now I’ve only really used roll film but for my birthday I was given a sheet film camera and I alsoContinue reading “Medium format sheet film sizes”

Cutting 6×9 sheet film from 120 roll film

I was given a camera for my birthday which takes sheet film in 6×9 format – or possibly 6.5×9. It’s hard and expensive to get hold of sheet film in this format these days so I thought about cutting 6×9 sections from a roll of 120 film, which is 63mm wide. Roll film is different from sheet film,Continue reading “Cutting 6×9 sheet film from 120 roll film”