Canon T90

Released 1986 My Canon FD-mount cameras are probably my most-used film cameras. Quite often on outings I’ll take the AE-1 Program and the FTb and load each with a different type of film. Sometimes, the FTb’s crude metering isn’t quite up to the job in challenging situations so I wanted an FD body with slightly […]

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Canon EOS 600D

Released 2011 I bought the 600D to replace the 450D. There was nothing wrong with the 450D but Canon sensors of that age are not great for astrophotography. The 600D offers photography at up to ISO 12800. The noise doesn’t matter since the images will be stacked later on. I own two 600D bodies, the other of which […]

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Canon T50

Released 1983 This is a pretty boring camera in terms of photography. You are supposed to use it in program exposure mode. If you do that, it doesn’t tell you what aperture and shutter speed it chose. You can force it to do aperture-priority, but you still don’t know what shutter speed it chose.All Posts […]

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Canon EOS 300

Released 1999 I decided to buy this EOS 300 to make my lenses more versatile. As much as I love my AE-1, it can’t take the same lenses as the 450D. This EOS 300 isn’t a very interesting camera, but it can share lenses with the Canon DSLRs and the body only cost a fiver. […]

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Canon FTb

Released 1971 The Canon FTb is a pretty ordinary camera as manual-focus 35mm SLRs go. It’s similar to the AE-1 Program that I already have. So why get this one? The AE-1P is electronically controlled and offers no facility for locking up the mirror. This becomes a problem when I am doing astrophotography, as the […]

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Canon Demi

Released 1963 I bought the Canon Demi partly for interest – it is a “half-frame” camera. It takes normal 35mm film but instead of the usual landscape-format negative, it takes two half-size portrait-format negatives in the same space. This means you can get twice as many pictures on a film – there is room for […]

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Canon Sure Shot A-1

Released 1994 OK, don’t laugh. I bought this camera specifically for an activity holiday, since it’s waterproof and very robust. It’s not very interesting, but it’s useful. It’s also not a bad point & shoot, and of course it lends itself to unusual shots. See all photos taken with the Sure Shot A-1. At a […]

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Canon AE-1 Program

Released 1981 In September 2009, I was given this Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR with a 50mm prime lens. It’s actually the first film camera I have ever used, aside from disposable cameras in my childhood. I absolutely love the camera – it’s what started my interest in film photography. Now, I have a collection […]

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Canon EOS 450D

Released 2008 In March 2010, I decided to make the leap to a digital SLR, having outgrown my Fuji S9600 bridge camera. I have a decent selection of lenses now, so the 450D is extremely versatile. See all photos taken with the 450D, or search by lens. At a glance Lens Canon EF & EF-S […]

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