Canon T90

Released 1986

My Canon FD-mount cameras are probably my most-used film cameras. Quite often on outings I’ll take the AE-1 Program and the FTb and load each with a different type of film. Sometimes, the FTb’s crude metering isn’t quite up to the job in challenging situations so I wanted an FD body with slightly more advanced capabilities. I’ve fancied a top-of-the-range T90 for a while, so I bought one.

It fits somewhere in between the AE-1 Program and the EOS 300, in that it uses a command dial like the EOS film and digital cameras, rather than the traditional shutter speed knob of the older 35mm SLRs.

Canon T90
Canon T90

At a glance

Lens Canon FD mount
Film 135
Focus SLR split screen & microprism
Meter CdS with program

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