Canon EOS 600D (modified)

Released 2011 This 600D is just like the other one, except that it has been modified for full-spectrum astrophotography and is now sensitive to infra-red and ultraviolet light as well as visible light. The primary purpose is astrophotography, although I have also used it to make a video under the dim red safelight in my […]

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Canon AV-1

Released 1979 The AV-1 is quite similar to the other Canon A-series SLRs of its time but distinguishes itself from the others by offering aperture-priority rather than shutter-priority. At a glance Lens Canon FD mount Film 135 Focus SLR split screen & microprism Meter CdS with aperture priority

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Canon EOS 5

Released 1992 I don’t have any particular interest in autofocus cameras but they are sometimes useful as they can use most DSLR lenses. I got this EOS 5 for a bargain price as an upgrade to my EOS 300. The autofocus on the EOS 5 is older than the EOS 300 but everything else about […]

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Canon AE-1

Released 1976 I try to only buy cameras that do something different to ones I already have. Given that I already have an AE-1 Program and an A-1, this AE-1 offers no advantages. However, I got it for a bargain price! At a glance Lens Canon FD mount Film 135 Focus SLR split screen & […]

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Camera pricing

Inspired by a recent conversation with a colleague about the way cameras are priced, I decided to look up the original retail value of some of my cameras and correct for inflation, to see how they compare to today. I’ve attempted to make a note to describe the camera’s position in the market line-up at […]

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Canon EX EE

Released 1969 This isn’t your usual Canon SLR. The EX EE was a budget model and to keep the cost of the lenses down, the rear half of the lens is permanently attached to the camera. The front half of the lens unscrews and is interchangeable, so you only have to buy half a lens […]

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Canon Canonet Junior

Released 1963 I’m not normally too interested in 35mm compacts but I picked up this Canonet Junior for a bargain price. I like the 40mm lens which is a little bit wider than normal. Unfortunately this camera is designed to work either in aperture priority or full auto, but the selenium light meter has died […]

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Canon Pellix QL

Released 1966 The Canon Pellix looks like any other Canon SLR of the 1960s or 70s, but it has an important difference. The mirror in the Pellix is fixed and always directs light to the viewfinder and to the film simultaneously. You avoid mirror vibration, but lose some light. If you’re using the built-in TTL […]

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Staple of photography

It seems to me that everyone who owns classic cameras – whether to collect them or to use them – takes an awful lot of pictures of their cameras. I’m no exception. A few years back I photographed all of my cameras against a white backdrop and illuminated with a shoot-through umbrella. Like this. I’ve […]

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Canon A-1

Released 1978 I own several Canon FD-mount SLRs but I’ve fancied an A-1 for a while. I think it’s the alluring black paint, rather than the silver fixtures of most contemporary SLRs. I think these hard-edged SLRs are much prettier than the curved plastic bodies that appeared in the 1980s. The A-1 also has the […]

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