Canon FTb

Released 1971

The Canon FTb is a pretty ordinary camera as manual-focus 35mm SLRs go. It’s similar to the AE-1 Program that I already have. So why get this one?

The AE-1P is electronically controlled and offers no facility for locking up the mirror. This becomes a problem when I am doing astrophotography, as the vibrations of the mirror are enough to disturb the telescope. The FTb is 100% mechanical, and manually controlled. It’s possible to lift the mirror with a lever and lock it in position so it doesn’t move. Then photos taken with telescopes are vibration-free and very steady.

See all photos taken with the FTb.

Canon FTb

At a glance

Lens Canon FD mount
Film 135
Focus SLR with microprism
Meter CdS with match needle

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