Canon EOS M

Released 2012 I purchased this mirrorless digital camera entirely to use with manual focus lenses. Canon FD lenses can’t be used on a Canon EOS DSLR without a corrective adapter which spoils the image quality. However due to the shorter focal flange length, FD (and other) lenses can be used on the EOS M with onlyContinue reading “Canon EOS M”

Canon EOS 600D (modified)

Released 2011 This 600D is just like the other one, except that it has been modified for full-spectrum astrophotography and is now sensitive to infra-red and ultraviolet light as well as visible light. The primary purpose is astrophotography, although I have also used it to make a video under the dim red safelight in myContinue reading “Canon EOS 600D (modified)”

Canon EOS 600D

Released 2011 I bought the 600D to replace the 450D. There was nothing wrong with the 450D but Canon sensors of that age are not great for astrophotography. The 600D offers photography at up to ISO 12800. The noise doesn’t matter since the images will be stacked later on. I own two 600D bodies, the other of whichContinue reading “Canon EOS 600D”

Canon EOS 450D

Released 2008 In March 2010, I decided to make the leap to a digital SLR, having outgrown my Fuji S9600 bridge camera. I have a decent selection of lenses now, so the 450D is extremely versatile. See all photos taken with the 450D, or search by lens. At a glance Lens Canon EF & EF-SContinue reading “Canon EOS 450D”