Longleat Safari Park

This week, Hannah and I stayed in at Center Parcs in Longleat forest. One of the nearest attractions is Longleat Safari park. I’m not an animal expert but I do admire their beauty, so naturally I took my camera. I ended up taking over a thousand pictures of creatures great and small, ranging from small animals that you can pet, and big ones you really oughtn’t get out of the car for.

I’ve reviewed every single one of the pictures and selected my favourite 57 for your enjoyment. For those who are interested, these pictures were taken on a Canon EOS 600D with a Tamron 70-300mm telephoto lens. It’s a mediocre lens but fortunately the sun was quite bright so I was able to keep the shutter fast and the aperture small, and make the most of the equipment.

For the “safari” part of the day, we opted to leave the car in the car park and take the tour bus. This was a wise decision, since the car didn’t get trashed by the monkeys, we were both able to enjoy the sights equally, and we had the added benefit of a knowledgeable tour guide. All of the photos of big animals were taken through the windows of the bus. For the safer and smaller animals, we were able to walk around and view the animals directly, without looking through cages or windows.

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