Meet Lou Lou

I’d like to introduce you to Lou Lou, our new cat. She’s a rescue cat from the Bristol branch of the Cats Protection League – 4 years old and very playful. We’ve already put one or two photos from our phones on Facebook but these are the first proper photos. I’m sure there will be […]

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A visit to the Eden Project

This weekend, Hannah and I went to visit the Eden Project. I went when it first opened (but was not yet completed), so it was hugely different this time. There’s a reasonably predictable selection of flowers and plants here, as well as some photos of the waterfalls. I don’t know what any of these plants […]

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Drops of water

Today I had hoped to go walking in Cheddar Gorge to try out my new wide-angle lens, but it rained 😦 Instead, I stayed in and had a go at something I’ve been meaning to try for months: water drop photos. I don’t have an electronic trigger or anything fancy like that, so it was […]

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Wolf spider

I never realised I had arachnophobia until I zoomed into this photo and looked into the spider’s eyes… *shudder* I think this is a wolf spider, although I’m not sure. I trapped it in a pint glass, and it was big enough to touch the entire rim of the glass with its legs.

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A spider’s web

This evening in my garden I very nearly walked through a large spider web. I stopped for a second and admired the way the low evening sun was illuminating the spider and web from both sides, and then I rushed indoors and grabbed my macro lens – here’s the result.

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