These days I don’t always manage to come up with a Photo Challenge entry, Heat. I’m quite pleased with this shot of a match being lit. It did take quite a few goes to get something I liked. I also shot a high-speed video of the match being lit. I’m had enough photography for this evening […]

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Playing with fire

Since moving into a new house that has a garden, I decided to buy a chimenea – a traditional Mexican wood-fired outdoor heater and stove. Last night, I invited a couple of friends round for some beers and a curry on the patio, and needless to say, the appeal of playing with fire was too […]

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Last night I was woken by noise and flashing blue lights, so I immediately went to the window. I saw a car on fire in the street below my flat, so I whipped my camera out. It was a bit dark for decent photos, but this is what I saw. I’ve no idea how long […]

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