Shots of Bristol

This week I shot another roll of black & white film in my SLR. Last night I developed it, and tonight I’ve scanned and uploaded the highlights for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately I think I overdeveloped the film a little, so some of the brighter areas are burnt out. Never mind.

First of all, here are a couple of shots taken in Royal Fort Garden. I like the photo of the bench for its woody quality.

And I like this shot of the fence because of the bokeh effect in the background. However, the lighter parts of the fence wire really show that the highlights were overdone in developing.

A day or two later, I went for a walk with Paul in Brandon Hill park. We both took photos of some ducks on a pond. I commented “look at the beautiful shade of green on that duck’s head!” and proceeded to take several photos. Then I realised I only had black & white film. Never mind – Paul’s best duck photo was much better than mine anyway! 🙂

However, while we were there, I did take this picture of the sun glinting through the trees. I like the contrast between the skeletal branches, and the bushy ones.

They say that black & white photos lend themselves to showing textures in detail. I guess it’s because there’s no colour to distract the viewer. But I think this sign, engraved into the pavement and lit by the low sun is a perfect example of strong texture. It makes me want to reach out and touch my screen to see if it’s real. I imagine it might be even more effective when printed.

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