Playing with fire

Since moving into a new house that has a garden, I decided to buy a chimenea – a traditional Mexican wood-fired outdoor heater and stove. Last night, I invited a couple of friends round for some beers and a curry on the patio, and needless to say, the appeal of playing with fire was too […]

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The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is Randomness. As usual I’ve tried to take as many photos on the theme as possible, with the intention of picking my favourite shortly before the deadline. I think randomness can have two main interpretations – something that is random in nature, or the more modern meaning of […]

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Smoke – attempt 1

After seeing Ruth’s smoke photo in the Tuesday Challenge last week I wanted to have a go. I read about how to do it and bought some incense sticks. I quickly learnt some lessons: You need loads of light. I had a 150W flashgun on full power, with a honeycomb snoot but it still wasn’t […]

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Viewfinder optional

From Stu’s Tuesday Challenge: Take a bunch of photos without using any kind of viewfinder or checking the images on the rear screen afterwards. Post your best one of the week! I had a barbecue with Hana and a couple of friends on Bristol Downs today. Seemed an ideal time to take photos, and when […]

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