My first attempt at a panorama

Recently, Paul recommended I use Hugin for stitching panoramas, having used it himself for a panorama taken from the top of the H H Wills physics building.

Before I spent ages finding a decent location, I thought it would be wise to figure out how exposure lock works, and to make sure I could use the stitching software properly. So I took a really boring set of photos from my balcony. Again.

However, I’m quite pleased with the results. The joins are hard to find (except for the broken balcony railing[1]) and the effect is good.

Anyway, now that I have a grasp on what I’m doing, I will definitely have a go at taking a panorama in a more picturesque location. Watch this space!

  1. This is because the point from which the photo is taken (the end of the lens) is not the same as the point where the camera rotated (where it joins the tripod). The end of the lens is probably three or four inches in front of the rotational point, which is bound to give some parallax effect when comparing near and distant objects.

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