Fog and ice

I woke up this morning and looked out of the window. I saw with delight that a thick fog had descended over the entire area. I love fog, so I grabbed one of my cameras and dashed out to Oldbury Court Estate.

On the way, I slipped and fell on ice. Unfortunately, I bruised my knee, hip, head and thumb. Fortunately, the camera that was round my neck wasn’t damaged, despite falling onto the road. After a quick assessment I decided that my injuries would heal without my intervention, and I continued on my photo walk.

I love everything about fog: the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it feels on my face and the way that everything sounds different in the fog. It’s such a mysterious sensation. Past experience tells me that it’s very hard to capture fog on camera. Cameras aren’t as sensitive as eyes, and it’s too easy to end up with a bunch of photos that don’t really look like anything at all. But this time, I’m delighted with the results.

The air wasn’t too cold on my face, but the grass was frosty and lots of twigs on trees had mini icicles on them. I’m not sure which of these next three pictures I prefer, but I expect one will end up on my Christmas cards next year!

Oldbury Court Estate is a beautiful place at the best of times, and especially when it’s frosty and foggy.

Of course, the way it always is with film, there were a few assorted pictures from some time ago on the same roll. Here are my favourites, starting with a pictures of my Conway Camera (Synchronised Model) and a mannequin that lives on my windowsill.

And just in case you needed any extra proof that cats have excellent eyesight, next door’s cat spotted me, upstairs in my house, with a long lens. I bet the cat’s-eye-view has better clarity than this image from my Tamron lens, too!

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