Three wheels on my wagon

My car was due its MOT and service today, so a couple of weeks ago I booked it into the a Ford dealership in north Bristol. Since then, there’s been a funny rattling sound from somewhere under the car. I guessed it might be the rear suspension or something like that. When I dropped the […]

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Love lost

This week’s Photo Challenge was a thousand words. I tried to capture the feeling of a row between a couple, and one member of the couple storming off in the car, running over the roses they had just been given.

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An evening view

The other night, I saw a strange cloud formation at a weather front forming around sunset. I rushed to get my camera to capture it before it disappeared. The result of my haste is a pretty poor picture of a weather front, but I like it because of the way the fish eye lens curves […]

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Last night I was woken by noise and flashing blue lights, so I immediately went to the window. I saw a car on fire in the street below my flat, so I whipped my camera out. It was a bit dark for decent photos, but this is what I saw. I’ve no idea how long […]

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LED sidelights

Today I replaced the sidelights in my car with white LEDs. I was annoyed by the very yellow tinge of the traditional 501 (aka W5W) bulbs. The new LEDs produce a very narrow beam and don’t illuminate the reflector as the bulbs used to. I like it. I promise to upload more photos in a […]

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Cars in the fog

I’ve probably said before that fog is my favourite weather. It is, however, very hard to capture well on camera. Here I’ve increased the contrast and lowered the brightness by large amounts.

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