Another LED upgrade to the De Vere 54

I’ve owned a De Vere 54 enlarger for a few months, and in that time I have modified it several times. First I spruced up the bulb-powered condenser head by converting to diffusion and making it use a halogen reflector lamp. This proved unsatisfactory and I couldn’t get the illumination even enough. Plus it wasContinue reading “Another LED upgrade to the De Vere 54”

Further modifications to the De Vere 54

A few weeks ago I made the jump to large format photography, and upgraded my LPL C7700 medium format enlarger to a De Vere 54 large format. The C7700 is a fairly sophisticated machine from the 1970s/80s, while the 54 is a primitive beast, cast in the fires of Mordor back in 1952. It neededContinue reading “Further modifications to the De Vere 54”

Review: RSP Asteri 2 LED bike lights

Today my new bike lights arrived – a pair of RSP Asteri 2 LED lights. The manufacturer’s website has hardly any details and reviews of these lights are scarce, so it is practically my duty to write this review, for the benefit of anyone else who is considering buying them. Also note that the picturesContinue reading “Review: RSP Asteri 2 LED bike lights”